Rezoning Application Filed for Baby Does/Chilli Pepper

After drawing out the negotiating process sufficient enough to appear as a “good-faith” effort, but performing in something other than good faith by not sharing requested information, nor physically addressing the concerns of landowners, while selectively parsing the Neighborhood Plan to shamelessly promote a project that is nearly completely ignorant of the goals and vision put forth by the Plan. AGSpanos Companies of Stockton, California, has filed a PUD application that is nothing more than the RMU-30 with waivers that was sprung on, and unanimously rejected by, the Land Use Committee on December 15, 2005. The only additional constraint at this point is the inclusion of a site plan with unacceptable building envelopes, that almost completely shunt the neighborhoods dramatic and historic views of the Platte River Valley. To this point, the neighborhood, acting in good-faith, has resisted the temptation to speak out against this proposed development. Keep an ear to the ground and stay tuned to for what happens next…

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