JPUN Issues for AGSpanos

You may be wondering what happened to the statement of points that was supposed to be available on this web site. Unfortunately, the JPUN attorney has been out of town this entire time. The wording will not get her review until Monday. But on Monday, September 18th, the points will be posted. The JPUN Statement addresses the following issues in a manner that is consistent with both the majority of neighborhood input, and the adopted neighborhood plan.

  1. Use
  2. Bulk/Scale
  3. View Corridors
  4. Public Access (Bike/Pedestrian)
  5. Landscaping
  6. View Plane
  7. Design & Materials
  8. Parking & Traffic

The points are prescriptive in nature. The points are not intended to drive out the project, but to ensure the project’s integration into and reinforcement of the physical strengths of the unique Jefferson Park community.

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