JPUN General Membership Meeting, January 2, 2007

Meeting sparsely attended. Barbara and Bill Baker weren’t initially at meeting so Erin said we’d do the full tribute next meetin
I. Park People rep. Patrick Hayes had tree planting brochures to share with neighborhood.
II. Police Report. Officer Cody Davison searched apt. house 2846 Federal. Several drug arrests made. 25th & Eliot also under observation. Talked to manager of liquor store, Paul, re crime in that area. No nuisance abatement process yet. Graffiti mentioned by Tim DePumpo.

III. Safety Report. Karen Harvey will write to owners of problem buildings. Karen asked for other hot spots. 24th and Federal mentioned by Tim to Karen SW corner. Safety committee meeting 1pm, 2729 Decatur, Jan. 20th.

IV. Brad Evans, land use committee, will wrestle down any new projects. Will send emails to spread info. Jan. 25th, 7pm is the next meeting.

V. JPUN Happy Hour

announced by Erin, Co-President. Friday, Feb. 9, 2007 at Red Lion 5-7.

This was a short agenda meeting, informal and streamlined. At next meeting group will formally acknowledge the contributions of the prior officers and introduce new members of board. There will be communication by email, details will follow later.
Ed mentioned continuing interest in Federal Blvd. improvement partnership involving W.10th Ave. up to W. 27th Ave. or so. Judy Montero. Main Street Zoning promotes revitalization, mixed use, create corridor with public transportation for redevelopment better for pedestrians and neighborhood friendly. Maybe going down W. 25th Ave. Barbara will also be involved with this. Rachel & Joe put together JPUN January 2007 Newsletter, appreciation expressed by Ed.

Feb. 6th, 6:30 next meeting. Will be more formal.

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