Jefferson Park General Membership Meeting, February 6, 2007

  • Announcements
  • Happy Hour – Friday, Feb. 9, 5-8, Red Lion 14th Floor Skybox
  • Thanks Barbara & Glenn
  • Safety committee
  • Rotary Club
  • Land Use Committee (Spanos)

Erin Ansell and Ed Kieta, co-presidents, opened meeting. Announcements included the above happy hour and that the Park People extended their deadline for free trees until March 9 for neighborhood. Spirited recognition of Barbara Baker and Glenn Harper, past co-presidents. They made the group what it is today! Tim DePumpo, vice president, presented Barbara with a gift envelope. Glenn was not present but will get his envelope.

Police report: Cody Davison introduced Carlos Montoya, our new liaison. He’ll relay all necessary info to officers in the area if needed. Brought business cards. A North Denver native, he still has strong roots here. Cody said contact either of them with concerns. Latest news of continuing problem apt. houses: SCAT team got great arrests in the past few weeks, carjackers caught just recently. Hit and runs discussed, other problem addresses; open containers in 25th & Eliot liquor store area. Cody said owner of store is being cooperative.

Safety Committee report by Karen Harvey: Multi-unit housing targeted for this year. Commander’s meeting, nothing major for our area but a property near 21st and Federal was raided (a “mini brothel”). An e-mail tree system will be established for better communication and participation. Safety committee meets every other month on the 3rd Saturday, 1pm. The next meeting will be at the home of Terencia Beauvais-Nikl, 2811 W. 28th Ave.
Rick Garcia, Councilman: Thanked Barb & Bill Baker, recognized our group and efforts. Topics touched on: new police commander; co-chairing task force on mortgage foreclosures, pointing out that they are magnets for crime and neighborhood deterioration. What to do? Probably cyclical to some extent. Also new mortgage products making debt easier to assume. Need for consumer education; meanwhile city could use vacant housing for social purposes. Seeking re-election.
Rotary Club rep Russ Gleason presentation: They’d like to start a new club in NW Denver. Currently there’s nothing between 6th Ave to I-70, Sheridan to the S. Platte River. Rotarians are business and professional leaders who like to return something back to the community. 1,200,000 members worldwide–China, Russia, etc. Meets Thurs. am 7am, Hampden Inn, Zuni & Speer. Meeting ends promptly! Cost: $5 breakfast, plus whatever the club decides to charge for dues. Russ distributed printed material and signup sheet. Lakewood Foothills is his club.

Land Use Committee. Spanos presentation, 15 min.; Q&A 15 min. Introduced by Brad Evans, land use committee chair. 4 representatives to give updated. Deirdre Oss: Planning Board hearing Feb. 21, 3pm start time. Public hearing Mar. 7. City Council gives enough time – weeks – for neighborhood to respond, in response to question by Rafael Espinoza. Planning Board hearing is not final vote. Important we respond as a neighborhood!

Bruce O’Donnell & Lex Economou from Spanos spoke. 3rd submittal on PUD. Newest 3 full-color renderings of Pinnacle Station shown. Details: latest materials, color, scale. 5 bldgs., 4 parallel I-25, 1 parallels River Dr. More masonry, more retail space, 4000sf, shown, required by PUD. View corridors: 2 in PUD–1 Frontview Crescent, 1 River Drive (widened in response to input from JPUN) in updated version of plan. Bulk plane requirements addressed also, screened parking, lots of tweaking in evidence. The proposed development agreement on non-zoning elements discussed summer 2006 was raised again by Bruce. New agreement possible? Lex Economou, new to the Spanos project (last July). Application going forward, wants new development agreement also. Bruce said they’re available to answer questions, met with group after meeting.

Rafael Espinoza: summarized mixed use zoning but single use is what we got. PUD is more compatible with neighborhood plan. Small ad hoc committee met with Spanos, Rick Garcia was involved. RMU-30 zoning. Guidelines should be followed but will they? No consensus between neighborhood land use committee and Spanos yet. Next land use meeting evening 20th of Feb. at Zocalo meeting room. Nothing is binding, said Rafael, he fears the drawings/specifics are unenforceable. Concerns that communications leading to agreement have been stalled. No one is very happy with the plans shown by Spanos.

Erin stressed the impact this project will have. 7:45 meeting adjourned. New members welcomed. Next meeting March 6, 2007, 6:30 Riverside Baptist Church chapel.

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