JPUN General Membership Meeting, March 6, 2007

Tuesday, 6:30pm, Riverside Baptist
Announcements: Friday 3/9 JPUNCH at Senor Sol, 5-8.  Community happy hour, drink deals and free eats. And thanks to Red Lion, our last host. 
Police report: Officer Montoya, new community resource officer for dist 1. Neighborhood crime stats now on website.  Big priority–citizen patrols for graffiti busts.  Asked for our cooperation in this.  Invited our calls and concerns.


Committee updates:

     Safety: Karen Harvey: new crime maps show density of crimes in area.  In our area, like many, crime is most in parking areas. Next meeting St. Patrick’s Day, 1pm.  Karen detailed some recent crime fighting efforts and group has thanked the police for that. Interviewing for new commander of dist. 1. Feb. meeting details.  Be aware! Citizen input to commander search solicited.

      Environmental: Bill Baker: city offering composting class, web address available. Pitched recycling–it’s easy! Gave examples of how recycling saves water, other resources.

      Social: Jeremy Ansell: Save glasses, order larger beers. Asked for more helpers, such as for Jefferson Park Day coming up.
Land Use: AG Spanos vote.  Brad Evans: Spanos team invited to talk for 5 minutes (Bruce O’Donnell and Lex Economou), part of the public process for rezoning application. The Spanos team had 3 Pinnacle Station renderings.  Something about Wed. 14th city council meeting? Handout detailed their points addressing infamous Bldg. 5, proposed diverse materials, view corridors on River Drive and Frontview Crescent, traffic loading/unloading onto Bryant St.  Responses to specific earlier JPUN requests also listed.  They have compromised on some issues.  They feel their project will enhance neighborhood, asked for our support.
Spanos’ Pinnacle Station PUD application is what the vote is about tonight. The possible development agreement is a separate issue.  Barbara Baker commented and clarified.  Response from JPUN: Rafael Espinoza reviewed recent city involvement and influence, resulting in planning board approval in meeting a few weeks ago.  Expressed frustration with the whole long process of negotiating to lessen impact of this project.  Much has gone on behind closed doors the past 18 months. 

Discussion: 22nd & Clay resident: asking for better view corridors.  Tim DePumpo: development agreement doomed, little common ground.  Should we pursue this when it hasn’t been productive so far? Brad: always the same project but in a different wrapper.  Concern about how rental-heavy this neighborhood will become with this additional 350+ units.  Rita, Rick Garcia’s office: defended city process. Ed Kieta: defended our dialogue and requests for help from Rick’s office.  Questions about rental price points, construction costs–no figures available from Spanos reps.  Kym said the development agreement should be pursued.  The ongoing question is, does a neighborhood get to decide what it wants?
Ballots handed out, approving or disapproving of PUD  zoning application.  Votes against 61, votes for 3. The final count will be reported on the website.


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