Special AGSpanose Meeting & Vote April 22 & 23

For 18 months JPUN has been grappling with the notion of a 350-unit apartment complex proposed by the A.G. Spanos Corporation for the land currently occupied by the Baby Does and Chile Peppers restaurants. JPUN General Members have three times voted overwhelmingly against this project. Finally, after many, many months and meetings, this proposed project is coming before City Council. To that end, we wanted to inform everyone of two upcoming dates:

1) Sunday April 22nd, 4:30pm: Meeting to vote on the latest and greatest development agreement put forth by Spanos. This agreement was not ready to present at our last general membership meeting. The meeting will take place at the Keller Williams offices, 2751 Alcott St. Also to be discussed at this meeting is speaking points for City Council.

2) MONDAY APRIL 23RD, 5:30pm: FINAL HEARING BY CITY COUNCIL REGARDING THE SPANOS DEVELOPMENT. Yes folks, this is it. City Council hearings start at 5:30pm in the Council Chambers in the City Civic Center Building. We highly encourage all JPUN General Members who have voted against this project to attend and make your voice heard.

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