Spanos Update

As most of you know, the “Final” Reading was held on the AGSpanos rezoning. Four hours of testimony and discussion resulted in the very unusual outcome of Council postponing the vote until April 30th, and Rick Garcia conferring in private with the developer for 10 minutes and then returning to motion to reopen the public hearing to accept additional information from only the developer that might make the project somehow somewhat palatable, without giving the neighborhood the benefit to review the information or to speak to it’s validity or appropriateness to the proceedings.

The issue has gotten some press, and we urge you to add your comments to the articles. You should continue to contact all members of Council and urge them to vote no on this PUD, so that they will log you position.

Another graphic has been produced to illustrate the physical relationship of the neighborhood to developer’s site. Please have a look.:

River Drive Alley Homes

One response to “Spanos Update

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