JPUN BOD Meeting, May 5, 2007

Karen Harvey, Safety – Improved plan for this year’s July 4th fireworks. What neighbors need to know will be in flyers attached to newsletters. There’ll be dedicated cell phone numbers for each park. State legislation is afoot to make fireworks illegal in Colorado, which would be the fix. This Bill is currently stalled. Margaret Deans has info. Homeland Security is organizing communities on how to prepare, however training sessions are hard to attend during days. There are many ways to be involved. May 19 is the next meeting. Trouble spots and incidents were mentioned in neighborhood. Example: Karen’s neighbor fired off a shotg Esther mentioned trouble on her apt. bldg. block. She has her eye out. Neighborhood troublemakers mentioned. Hymie (sp.?) is one, he’s been around. We should let police know of these situations. Hot spots, public education, more security where needed. Ed said there will be more supervision /security 10-12pm around the liquor store area. Cinco de Mayo aggravation is limited and we should be tolerant. We should be so lucky to get the police presence for our July 4th craziness, Barbara said the response was less than ideal. The neighborhood should stay on this for future years.

Ed proposed we support Cinco de Mayo on Federal.

OD-9 ballots are in. Good thing we re-did it, we got more response. 24th of May is next LUC meeting. 7pm at Zocalo, we will discuss OD-9 then in more detail. Karen showed a big map, color-coded. Response is more a survey than a vote. More consulting with Deirdre Oss necessary. More positive interest in the 2 areas, the NW Jeff Park corner area and River Drive area, delineated earlier as being vulnerable. (Pink yes, yellow no)
Inter-neighborhood meeting, June 9 at West High (Saturday 8:30-2:30)…Erin will attend, and she encouraged participation. It should have useful information about how neighborhood groups can coordinate efforts and be more powerful.
Barbara still working on Main St. zoning. It is proceeding with various stages such as coordinating with DURA, studying Federal traffic corridor, noting lots of overlap among different entities. In addition, the tax impact, specific details later.

Rick Garcia after Spanos – Can we move forward (Tim)? Do we want to write anything to him? Never let him forget? Rita Contreras, Ed & Erin might meet to mend fences. A wish list for Garcia to consider to make us a little more happy like park improvement in capital funding. Main St., a dunk tank at JPUN Day? We need reimbursement after our draining fight. A donation to our depleted fund, perhaps?

Jeff Park Day: June 16? Barbara suggested do it in August…or a scaled down June date compared to last year. We need to get organized and get money together. Needs: DJ, sun shelter, generator, chairs, prices discussed. DJ and music deemed necessary. Additional tables from the New Life in Christ church. Insurance is in various prices depending on scope of party. Recycling and a roll-off (Safeway said OK to using their lot). Or we could use another lot around Deliverance Tabernacle, access from Jack n Grill. Or Tim’s lot is available at W. 26th and Eliot. No more Waste Management involved, sadly. We’re thinking more of a neighborhood pickup and picnic. Tailor the flyer. Donations: lots of phone calls, Ed volunteered. Tent rental, some cost could be donated. Or a group of small er tents. Newsletter item solicitation. Monetary and non-monetary donations ideas, Bill offered Home Depot and other contacts. Newsletter AND flyer AND sign (reusable) are park day, times and details. Door prizes going too far? Gift certificates which we raffle off? Too much work? We could do a fundraiser for JPUN later in the year. Stress the clean up portion, and small scale (inexpensive) picnic is the focus this year. E-mail to gather volunteers for setup and carrying and cleaning up. What’s a target figure, like $5000, that we need for this? Generator, tent, tables, maybe chairs not needed, rather blankets and lawn chairs people can bring. Phoning needs to be done first. Board members offered to do various tasks. Erin has a list of who will do what.

Tax info needed by Susan, we can gather that for her from several years passed.

Barbara: CSAP scores are very low at our local school, Valdez. Reading volunteers are the key. Not a good response with the principal in the past, Karen said. Try to develop a better partnership in the future. This would be a worthy goal for our group.

Erin: fighting with Spanos has been draining. Let’s be more creative and leave our anger behind.

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