JPUN General Membership Meeting, May 1, 2007

Announcements:JPUN Happy Hour Friday, May 4, at Araujo’s Restaurant, formerly Villa Café. Free appetizers.
Latest news as of last night’s City Council meeting: The Spanos rezoning vote was 9-1 in favor of rezoning. The only councilperson who voted for us was Ms. Robb. There was one abstention.

Safety Committee report: Officer Davison

Graffiti is subsiding. It usually happens right after school lets out, and at night. The sting: 7 arrests on Apr. 18; maybe we’ll have another. Only a few neighbors were involved; 25 from Highlands and Jefferson Park. It was kind of a quiet month. We were reminded to lock doors.

A Cinco de Mayo plan is in place to control and reroute cruising traffic on Federal. We got an overview of the basic information. New Commander Doug Stevens was introduced. He described his career experience and says he loves Dist. 1. Latest details for Cinco de Mayo weekend traffic were shared. Same commander meetings times, location and dates. Next meeting according to Karen Harvey, Safety Committee, is May 19, Jack & Grill, at 1 p.m.

Officer Romero of Animal Control also spoke and passed out brochures on pet ownership laws. He reviewed licensing, fines, traps, domestic and wild animals. Pit bull dogs were also discussed and how they deal with them. Tickets will be given for dogs running at large and in the park. Animal control officers work 7 days a week! Officer Romero gave a lot of details in a short time regarding more animal issues (how they deal with dog attacks, barking). Reminder: Don’t touch bats.

Blake Pendergrass, Union Station Development update.

He passed out a flyer describing the campaign for responsible development. Continuum is the developer. (Last time Blake was at our meeting the developer hadn’t been decided.) He ran through the anticipated stages of completion. The community should have a voice in this enormous project paid with taxpayer dollars to derive the maximum benefits.

Brad Evans, LUC update.

There are unanswered questions about the little piece of land owned by city or CDOT on Spanos property.

The next LUC meeting is at Zocalo conference room at 7pm, May 17. The rest of the year’s schedule of meetings will be on the website.

Jeremy Ansell, Social Committee.

JPUNCH Friday 5-8, Araujo’s, W. 26th and Eliot. Jefferson Park Day is coming up and we need more hands on deck. June 16 is the date but more discussion may ensue.

Barbara, Ed, and Tim:

Main Street zoning plan looking for volunteers also, taking the first steps to rezone. We could use some improvements along the W. 25th Ave. commercial zone such as have been effected with the same zoning on East Colfax.
Bill Baker, Environmental committee:

Improvements noted, less trash. Bill’s looking for volunteers also. Washington Mutual, our bank, may have community volunteers for us.

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