2007 General Membership Meeting, June 5, 2007

Ed Kieta presiding.

    Announcements: Jeff Park Day on June 16, starting 9am with neighborhood cleanup. See Esther to sign up. This year’s Jefferson Park Day is slightly scaled down but it should be fun with food, music, games, friends and neighbors, etc. Meet in park at noon to kick off pick nick

Fireworks are illegal.

Next neighborhood happy hour will be sometime in July after the 4th, perhaps the 6th. The next land use committee meeting is June the 14th, at 7pm, Zocalo.

Rita from Rick’s office briefly spoke. She gave us Rick Garcia newsletter. Small business meeting the 25th. Asked for reps from JPUN to attend meeting re July 4th with Rick to smooth the holiday madness on the 4th.

Safety update. July 4th discussed by Police officer Cody Davison. Another graffiti sting this Friday. Asking for volunteers to show up at Dist. 1 at 7:30pm, will last to 10 or possibly later. Good arrests recently on known taggers.

Invesco rep said that on July 4th the end of the soccer game will be about 9:45pm and 10pm should be the start of fireworks. JPUN will be delivering a flyer door to door, again, to remind people that fireworks are illegal.

Land Use Committee, Brad Evans. OD-9 overlay zoning effort (Karen Harvey not here) mentioned as needing more helpers. Application to rezone property on park at 22nd and Decatur to be redeveloped by Paul Stann of S-2 Partners. Project drawings presented. Rezone questions: it fits within our neighborhood plan, according to Barbara Baker. Paul Stann spoke; solicited our comments and hopes everyone will be behind this RMU20 rezoning permitting higher density, from R2 which would permit only 3 units on that same land. The planned 9 unit townhome project would be next to Zocalo to the east. Materials discussed, samples shown. Robert who lives nearby had specific questions; Rafael asked Paul, the developer, if he’d consider an agreement with the neighborhood. Another nearby neighbor asked questions about possible structural damage to her house during construction. 8-10 months is estimated construction timeline. Reassurances were given about the safety and compliance of the construction site. $330-350psf and units will be 1000sq.ft. & up, consisting of 1-3 bedroom units with 2 parking spaces for each underneath. Neighborhood approval, city planning board, and city council are the steps involved in rezoning. Barbara thinks that every R-2 rezoning to something else, like mixed use, is a potential time bomb, or domino effect, threatening the residential enclaves. HOA vs. party wall agreement explained by Ed, the latter being when the individual townhome home owner owns the land the home is on, as in this project of 9 units. In a HOA, the HOA owns the land and maintains it. A neighborhood-HOA agreement was suggested as possibly part of JPUN support. The immediate neighbors are opposed to this, said Robert. Is it better that this small group of immediate neighbors or the whole of JPUN is more effective to contest this? Petition could be the best route. 7 units might be a better fit, suggested Brad. Robert pointed out that this would scrape a home. Should the JPUN neighborhood plan be revisited and refined now that it’s being tested in the real world? However, it’s not easily amended because it has to go through a long process to be legal and binding.

Barbara Baker, special projects update. The park has a partly new sprinkler system being constructed, held up by a missing part, that will be finished and resodded afterward. Tim and Barbara are continuing to contact the people around the 25th & Eliot area for the new area development.

Rafael is installing an A/C unit at 21st and Clay, at his new house, on the north side. Anyone object? Robert put in his opinion.

Bill Baker, cleanup day plug. Need team leaders, ask Esther. Final announcement: this Saturday, 10am at New Life in Christ Church, street fair including wonderful food.

Meeting adjourned.

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