JPUN BOD Meeting, July 7, 2007

10am, Baker home
Safety Committee

Special Projects

LUC Update

All other committees

Fall fundraiser preparation

(Per Ed’s earlier e-mail)

LUC report first because Brad has to leave early. David offered to step down from BOD due to possible conflicts of interest but was convinced to stay. It was acknowledged that potential conflicts of interest are likely to arise among members of the BOD. We’ll deal with it. For instance, members can state their opinion but abstain from voting. Protocol in LUC meetings discussed. Stann property rezone approval brought up; what should be our next move? David: R2A might be a better rezone. They’re not really utilizing the RMU in their design. Interested parties and immediate neighbors (200 feet) might meet again with Paul Stann to make a final stand on approval or disapproval and then present results to membership for vote, with LUC recommending. Ed: more refined points of protocol (like who votes?) are needed. We can look into other groups’ methods, such as HUNI and Sloan’s Lake, to adopt. RTA zoning discussed for possible development. Deirdre Oss supports RMU, David said. David and Brad will talk about initiating a dialogue with her.

OD9: we voted on 3 areas at recent LUC meeting. For northwest area of Jeff Park OD9 was recommended, for the central core “no,” and River Drive may come up with another solution. Tim mentioned his tenant at Eliot and W. 26th Ave. will be a printing and graphics business. Ed: could be a key entry point into redevelopment of the W. 25th and Eliot area. Barbara: support for this? David: non-profit participation in that office project on Eliot is now shaky. He’s envisioning another purpose, a possible small office space development, a green ‘incubator’ cube for small businesses. He’s rethinking the original plans for the former Theater and next door building.

Barbara: Lucille Bloom passed away July 1 at age 90. A tribute to her in next newsletter was suggested by Barbara.

Safety: Karen: she’s been on vacation. National Night Out, Aug. 7. Her committee members have been going to meetings and will report back. Cleaning up the park after July 4 discussed. Police did a great job this year, giving out tickets and even arresting a person. We’ll applaud them at the next meeting. Nuisance abatement: recent stabbing in Barbara’s street follow-up – a relatively minor injury. Calling the owner of problem house was suggested to Barbara. The process and procedure of reporting nuisances was discussed. Karen will follow up on this. Who, actually, are the best people to call? More problems in neighborhood brought up to Karen’s committee. There’s a security presence occasionally spotted on W. 25th and Eliot.

Environmental committee: Barbara reported on behalf of Bill, not present. There have been 10-12 reports/week, and fines to property owners for environmental violations. Kathy Ortega is checking construction permits for the vacant lot west of liquor store which is accumulating construction materials and is an eyesore. Tire store on 26th & Federal looked at: too many tires being stored there for fire prevention. Ed: site will be cleaned up.

Jeff Park Day recap: it was scaled down, but the cleanup was large. A 30 yard dumpster was filled. Volunteers from Urology Clinic, Spanos, others, were among the cleanup crew. Donor receipts will be sent out and a thank you.

Treasurer’s Report was given by Ed. There was about $590 prior to JPUN Day in account, but thanks to donations from various folks which helped out, after payouts for the JPUN day’s expenses, we now have $1200.

Ed and Jack LaPietra etc. met regarding affordable housing and the question again arose, do we need another committee? Funding programs and possible help for redevelopment mentioned. Should it be a subcommittee of land use committee? We can bring in new and old people for their knowledge and contacts. There’s a lot of technical stuff to know also. If we engage in this, how involved or separate would committee be with regard to JPUN? Change by-laws to authorize topic? Motion was made to create group to look at affordable housing and whether non-residents (outsiders) can be members to facilitate goals of economic and cultural diversity. Should there be voting and non-voting members of this group? We’ll look at these questions later. There was a unanimous aye vote. Transitional housing mentioned. Tim reported recent liquor license activity at Jack-n-Grill and the former Mickey Manor.

Main Street: Ed said he met with Prof. Kevin Puccio who has a team of students who can come up with an exhaustive master plan for Federal Boulevard, including the 25th and Eliot market square area. Community and business improvement districts will be enhanced. Tim is soliciting tenants for the corner store area at 25th and Eliot southeast corner which is now vacated and being renovated.

Barbara is frustrated about Jefferson Park’s condition. The long awaited irrigation system is still not completely operational. Barbara is going to be in contact with Rick Garcia about this.

Tim spoke of need to recruit new members (and hopefully future officers), and people with expertise the neighborhood can benefit from.

Newsletter costs, copying for cost, credit card set up? Copying was $85 for last newsletter. Lowell at P&L Printing reportedly will do a discount for us, so let’s compare costs, Lowell vs. Jordan.

Fundraising: In addition to the canned food collection for New Life Church bank, maybe we should do another auction for JPUN. There wasn’t enough response from JPUN for the dragon boat festival for fundraising. Manpower allocation discussed for Halloween activities at NLIC and fundraising event in fall. Ed will talk to Jack again. Nov. 10 or 17 are possible dates for event. Maybe we could have a triple header then at the proposed green cube (JPUN fundraiser, food bank, opening at David’s new space). Nov. 17th is good for David. Times approved are from 5-8 or 9, like last year.

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