JPUN General Membership Meeting, July 10, 2007

Officer Davison: July 4th recapped, comments were solicited. Complaints were aired regarding problem houses on the 2700 block of W. 25th Ave. There have been several recent arrests. A nuisance abatement was filed, and evictions are in process. The W. 25th corridor covering several blocks is the main target of attention now. Filing nuisance abatements are somewhat complicated, Cody said, because of the necessary documentation and details. What are typical time frames? It varies. Sec. 8 violations are easy to administer, he said. N.A.s chug along on their own trajectory, once started. Repeated phoning isn’t necessary to prod the process. Barbara mentioned another address that needs attention on east side of Eliot. One of Esther’s apartment house walls was tagged with graffiti, and it was suggested that she make a report. It’s helpful to take pictures and e-mail them to police, Barbara was told by Cody. Identification could lead to future reimbursement by the perpetrators.
Deirdre Oss, City Planner attended, introduced by David Z. to talk about OD-9 and other zoning issues. There was some discussion about our neighborhood plan evolving, as reflected by our land use committee’s opinion of Paul Stann’s proposed 9 townhome units. David referred to a recent LUC meeting where Paul’s project was rejected. David said Paul’s a good developer but this specific project isn’t a good fit. Another meeting will focus on the immediate neighbors soon. Announcements will follow. Erin reiterated the recent OD-9 efforts and results of last mailing of response cards and discussions at latest LUC meetings. River Drive may choose to downzone or pursue historic designation, and only the NW corner of Jeff Park probably will pursue the OD-9 overlay. Andy asked how these results were arrived at. The central core of Jeff Park, already getting redeveloped, is very fragmented in the response to OD-9 so far. Non-responses were discussed; Ed said we are just giving out the information. Since the Plan was finalized, there have been many changes in development. Deirdre went over the rezoning application process and how our group has been trying to move on this. Andy thinks people in the group are now ignoring the Plan and its original intent. Erin said we went door to door and made a good effort to inform all the owners of all the properties and did all we could but there is only so much we can do to present this information and attempt to get a definitive response.

Deirdre: OD-9 doesn’t prohibit new development. It preserves open space, 15’ setbacks, parking addressed, using same footprint. Look at the neighborhood now and decide what should happen. Deirdre wants to facilitate. Andy wants the spirit of the Plan to be honored and he feels this isn’t happening. Developers are in it for the money. He criticized the leadership…Mark on Clay weighed in. R0 and R1 would protect the homeowner the best but not feasible to us. 2 acres is the amount needed to have an area big enough to rezone. David asked Deirdre how we can move toward the intent of the Plan and still operate in reality. Show up at all meetings, she advised. David: CPD’s thoughts on RMU proliferation such as around the park. Least intense mixed use is RMU-20. How are these parcels starting to work together? Who can be an applicant to rezone? It could be the city, the land owner, or a civic group. Erin wound it up the discussion due to time constraints.

The next LUC meeting is July 19. The 3rd Thursday in August is the following.

Safety committee news was updated by Ed. No one went to the last commander’s meeting due to vacation and sickness. Nuisance abatements mentioned, also July 4th efforts were praised. July 4th was relatively quiet. Barbara volunteered as photographer for graffiti, will put this in next newsletter. She’ll photograph all tags in neighborhood.

Social committee, Jeremy; next happy hour will be in early August and a couple of neighborhood rooftop decks are in the running. Maybe it’ll be BYOB. Park Day was deemed successful.

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