JPUN General Membership Meeting, September 4, 2007

Announcements by Ed. Think about the JPUN elections for next year. He reminded us of the regularly scheduled meetings (general, broad of directors, LUC), happy hour (2nd Thursday of every month, changing locations, usually local), posted in newsletter. La Loma may be the location this month. Details will follow. Ed drew attention to the mention in recent news of Jefferson Park and its positive appreciation in real estate values. The Land Use committee could use more help. The Board of Directors meetings are open to any interested parties. Land Use meets at the Zocalo building, main level, the 3rd Thursday of each month. In this meeting, Sarah with a local tutoring program will speak. OD-9 update, and special projects. Paul Stann will update us also.

Police report: In Aug. there were 38 reported crimes in area. Mon., Fri. & Sat. are the big days, 6pm to midnight. 21 thefts; bikes, car thefts, shoplifting, burglaries with and without force, robberies, domestic assault, menacing, peeping, etc. Not bad compared to other neighborhoods, surprisingly. Graffiti sting last month netted little but good involvement and awareness. Cody Davison was promoted to detective and will be leaving very soon. Officer said a report needs to be made to get a follow-up and effectiveness regarding a nuisance address. Sign a complaint if a person has trouble and e-mails are a good way to communicate. Some discussion following up on previous problem addresses. Officer was asked if he could break out the statistics regarding car thefts as to neighborhood residential areas versus parking lots of Invesco Field, aquarium and other commercial lots.

OD-9 update by Ed: area covered in application reviewed, as mentioned in last month’s minutes. A recent meeting was held involving that area’s interested parties, including some property owners, Ed, Karen. JPUN already voted on the application so now it’s on its way. A question was raised by Brad as to whether we should approve the application without examining it. Ed agreed to bring that paperwork to next meeting(s) before submitting application.

LUC: Paul Stann, introduced by Brad, is now including a good neighbor agreement and assurances that the exteriors will be OK and quiet garage door openers specified. Vote on the application to rezone. Brad passed out the pertinent papers (good neighbor agreement, garage door specs, floor plans). Paul Stann once again presented his project with illustrations and details. 4-sided architecture, various exterior materials, including real brick, manmade stone, cedar), modern design, and each unit has a rooftop deck. It’s still 9 attached townhome units facing the park. There will be an HOA to take care of the appearance of the houses and surrounding areas, landscaping and irrigation. A neighbor will be getting a new 6’ wooden fence to mitigate his view. How about a masonry wall, suggested another person? Barbara also mentioned the sound barrier aspect of a more substantial wall. She also asked about more figures not included in the handouts such as what the homeowners will be paying out, enforcement of expectations, and what assurance do we have. More specifics are needed in documentation. Rafael asked for more clarifications in written material. He mentioned the domino effect possible with rezoning and that the project is not acceptable to him. Ed said this is within an area of transition between Invesco and the park and is where the city supports more density. He supports Paul, who’s been working with us. Rafael says this is generic writing, wants more specifics. A neighboring property to the south is now up for sale, leading to fears that rezoning to RMU20 from R2 is a bad omen, Rafael feels. Ed feels we need to guide ourselves into this. Questions raised will be addressed in more detail later, Brad said. Are votes conditional on future changes including more detail on exterior, HOA, compliance? David Z. commended Paul as being the front man for his own project, unlike some other developers. Vote for conditional approval? 1. State the exterior materials in a drawing indicating percentages, roughly. 2. HOA agreement fees. Karin: thinking about setting precedents in rezoning approvals in the future. Rafael: vote on approval of the future documentation, and separately on rezoning. Brad said it’d be approved anyway. One fellow from Walker’s Row mentioned how good the good neighbor agreement is. Letter of support will depend on what points? Rafael is looking for specific numbers in the text. Brad said let’s meet to work out the details in a separate meeting (Brad, Rafael, Paul, Ed, Dave, etc.). The project is approved, if revisions and conditions are met, 14 for, 2 against.

Sarah on Zocalo tutoring program: Z. outreach out of 25th & Clay. Summer camp and after school program for kids in area. Homework help, bi-lingual, drop in for kids. 15 kids now, last year there were more, and 80 kids this summer at camp. She has information and a wish list. She’s there every day after school. It’s a free program from 4-6, Monday through Friday.

Barbara, Special Projects: UCD students are getting Master’s Degree in urban planning using 25th & Federal area for their semester project. Tim and Barbara are nudging all the business owners in the district and ideas are welcome. We can attend the critique, too. In October there’ll be a charette, a public open house, where the city planners and students and neighbors can have a 3-4 hour workshop in small groups and share ideas. This involves the whole neighborhood, not just the immediate area of 25th and Eliot. The consensus is that there is no improvement to speak of in the park; only very minor activities and no real repair. Barbara is still on it and is asking for everyone to speak up, like to our city council person. 2 vacant lots are now cleaned up which were being used for construction material storage. Ed mentioned a new barbershop and a prime location for a store at 25th and Eliot; and urged us to support our local establishments. Support for Union Station redevelopment—vote to affirm human rights in this, thinking of affordable housing, and environmentally sound practices. 11 for, none against in support.

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