JPUN BOD Meeting, September 8, 2007

Comment was made that a procedure for handling JPUN checks and a tracking system are needed. Tim suggested to mail to JPUN mailbox.

Agenda as printed in e-mail read by Ed.

Mark Lohaus spoke on our current website: it’s through WordPress and has a redirect from the previous site, The idea is to share the burden of maintaining the site among board members. It’s simple to have everyone log in and post content. Each committee, board members, special groups, and members can contribute, to encourage everyone’s input. Ed: what about anonymous postings? Mark suggested a moderator, for a spam plug, a remover of possible offensive or inappropriate stuff, and a reviewer to organize the information correctly. Ed: a designated person? And just allow a section for ‘comments’ from outsider people, apart from board or committee input? is a free service, hopefully will cost only a very small amount to maintain, long term. David Heller offered a server and will let Mark know. He’s experienced in these kinds of networks. He cautioned against opening up to anyone’s comments. Danny Jimenez and David Heller are involved in a local development at W. 29th across from Viking Park. Monitor or moderator duties can be handled by Mark for now, at least through Christmas, maybe longer. He suggested we try posting and get used to it. It was approved to have comments accessible to general membership (a quorum, 9 BOD members). Mark said send an e-mail after logging in and he’ll help. The categories set up are flexible.
Mark: Adopting a block by individuals to pick up garbage? Ed: maybe the general membership could be recruited, rather than an officer(s). Barb: put on website and in newsletter to see what response there is. Vote: group approved to get this idea out there.

JPUNCH happy hour postponed for this month due to limited time left in September. Also if we wait perhaps La Loma will be available next time, but it’s definitely too late this time. Jorge is the good contact person there. There’ll be a sendoff in Sept. for Erin and Jeremy at Barbara and Bill’s, Tim hosting also. It’s on the 27th, a Thursday, 7-9, with hors d’oeuvres; Sarah will send out e-mails. Members can contribute as they wish.

JPUN regular meetings dates and times reviewed as in previous minutes and newsletter.

Halloween. We previously discussed letting the New Life church take the initiative of handling the party this year; and we’ll supply manpower to work it. We will concentrate on the food bank and fundraiser this year, which is more needed.
Safety committee: Hot spots – people are taking ownership of their problems, Karen said. E-mailing police officers is good, and the officers know us from meetings. Barbara said no arrest was made on local trouble house, therefore no nuisance abatement. The owners of nuisance properties are going to get letters. 27th and Decatur problem resulted in witness statements, so more pressure is being applied. 29th and 28th disturbance also got more neighbor involvement. Karen knows who owns all these problems places.

OD-9, Karen: NW area only. Ed: Dierdre & Rick were vague on whether Federal Blvd. is included. This could be decided by Council anyway, which can remove individual properties at its will. There will be another meeting of the interested and involved parties soon, hopefully. Karen: there will be consensus eventually, with fairness and dialogue it’s as close as we can get.

Barbara: our legal liability as Board members raised again. The city doesn’t protect us. Ed said that Rick said we’re not the decision makers; but anyone can sue anyone. Openness and consensus ideal; owners can be eliminated if they want to be. Whose name on application? It’s Ed’s. Should there be a vote to exclude 2 properties? Time is running out, we have to get the application in this month. Board recommends and then to membership. Forward motion needed. Rick will write letter to waive fee. Recent notification of documentation steps by city but we’ve done all the steps. Who’s included, who not, and who should see application before it goes? Some of the Federal properties are now changing ownership. 4 parcels? Karen has actual addresses. Barbara, 2nd by Brad: motion to accepting app if props are excluded, otherwise it comes back. 10 votes in favor.
Special projects. Barb: not much change from Tuesday night report. Urban planning studio master’s program plan. We’ll have a book of suggestions and ideas. Legislative rezoning. Within a year there will be a new city rezoning code, but we will be indicating our intent. Tim and Barb are contacting all local business owners for their plans. Dave Berton got a cease and desist order to vacate empty lots of construction junk.

The charrette on Oct. 13 is a community public workshop for Fed. Blvd. Plan. Marshall Vandergurg vs. Kevin Puccio – Kevin a bigger player? Kevin, Jeff Fisher and Marshall (roles?). But sometimes the plans are ignored in the end by the city, pointed out Brad. Cathy Cornwell contacted by Ed; misunderstandings occurred. Charette gives community input though. Federal Blvd. and 25th & Eliot should be connected. Communications will be made between Ed, Tim, Jeff, Marshall, Barbara; details through newsletter.

Renewals of A stickers and guest passes: Go to Webb Bldg. with proof of residence address if no car registration.

Fundraiser: Nov. 17, Sat. 5-8. Can Susan take a lead role? Barb will contact her and Sarah the social chair, and Cory Van Rye. Approach a business person with possible figures if they want to sponsor. 100 people, possible DJ; if we had a bigger venue…more people…we need an infusion of money for the group and the food bank.

Barb, regarding Jefferson Park, is getting nastier. Topics are still the irrigation and lack of sod, erosion. Blacktop walks: no money to repair. Spanos money will be used to replace sidewalks, $50K for sidewalks and stuff from Spanos for park only. City complains they have no extra money but are looking for sponsorships like Invesco because their patrons use and walk on the park. ADA accessibility is minimal. Vote for flower bed designed by Steve Smith. Membership has to approve maintenance for 5 years. We have to plant and everything; they water, till, review our plan for water, and provide some plants. We will focus on low water plants. We’ll propose to the general membership, include in Newsletter and have a signup sheet. Tim motioned and Brad seconded a proposal for the flowerbed as above, and more details decided later from feedback. Approved.

Involvement with group next year talk-up to encourage other people to step up. Get clear message out there via our media and meetings.

Land use details were covered in last membership meeting.

Bill, environmental committee: apts. on Clay are problems. Also David Berton’s 25th & Bryant, NW, 6-8 units.

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