October 2, 2007 General Membership Meeting Minutes

General Announcements

Ed Kieta, President, began meeting at 6:36. Agenda reviewed: Rick Garcia to speak, also Diane Barrett from the mayor’s office. Police update. Paula from upcoming Race for the Cure, route, etc. John Rodriguez, upcoming Halloween event at NLIC. Design workshop on Oct. 13. Environmental, social and land use committees reports. Mark on the JPUN website.

Councilman Rick Garcia, accompanied by Diane Barrett from the Mayor’s office on BetterDenver.org. Bond issues are typically voted on every 7 to 10 years for infrastructure and maintenance. The upcoming bond election is the result of a mayor assembled task force studying the issues for years. The City Council then examines the projects, sifting through all the proposals, totaling $550 million or so.

2.5 mils of tax is dedicated for deferred maintenance yielding $25-27 million the first few years for capital projects. The Mayor has to consult with City Council (studying in great detail) before this goes on the ballot. This will be a mail-in ballot (Rick gave out example of ballot). Also Denver School Board candidates will be on it. The financials will be split up into separate questions (i.e., health, public library, street improvements, parks, etc.). Rick went through the whole list.

He supports this entire bond issue, based on his deep analysis. A handout was available with more detail of projects. 1A , 1B-I are different, said Diane. Some of the bonds are borrowed money, some spend collected money. Principal and interest paid over the next few years are included in the ballot. Also Initiative 100 is on the ballot re marijuana. No recommendation but decriminalization is OK over small amounts. General membership discussion over money stewardship. Diane: costs were carefully checked, agencies are preparing their budgets, assurances of fiscal responsibility. Rick mentioned, re the Spanos project, that Oct. 8 is the start-demolish date for Baby Doe’s and Chili Pepper. (Note: it started a week later.)


Police officers gave safety update. Sgt. Robert introduced 2 new officers for Jeff Park: Robert Martinez and Jason Valdez. Packets were handed out with detailed data such as charts and maps of crime incidence, and related statistics, through August 2007. Citizen involvement is encouraged, so feel free to call. Graffiti update: the latest sting, at the Spanos property, was fruitful; our officers have been briefed. Anti-littering education efforts were mentioned. Tim: open containers could be looked at too, especially around the liquor store. Their shift is Sun-Wed 2-midnight. They want to talk to the kids, and contact opportunities are welcomed.


Paula Carrasco, Race for the Cure neighborhood liaison, spoke. There will be street closures between 5am and 11am this Sunday, and be prepared for lots of traffic, detours, bands, participants and volunteers. Paula apologized in advance and appreciates our understanding. She provided a handout with all pertinent information.

John Rodriguez, Halloween event at New Life in Christ, 25th and Clay. He’s welcoming JPUN members, as in the past, to participate in this fun event. Balloons will announce safe houses for trick or treating; there’ll be games, food, and fun for an estimated 200-300 neighbors.

Special projects, Barbara Baker: Park: Let’s have new flower bed! But we have to vote to sign an agreement that we will physically maintain the bed for 5 years. Details to be addressed include weeding, planting; choosing low water/maintenance plants; fall cleanup. Donated plants will come from both the city and us, and a plan is needed this month (October) to bring to the city. Spanos will donate $50,000 for 2008 budget for Jefferson Park, and new sidewalks are needed. Motion was made by Brad, seconded by Ed, voted in favor of the flower bed. We need money and really need a fund raiser again. Red Lion is donating a banquet room this year, more donations for food, music. This year it’s on Nov. 16, 5-8pm. Donations for auction will be solicited. Open to all. Also, local alleys are being paved with money from Invesco; Glenn Harper, former president, has been very instrumental and we appreciate him. Let him know, it was suggested.


Design workshop update by Ed. This concerns the Business Improvement District and maintenance district on Federal and 25th and Eliot or Decatur. Oct. 13 at 1717 Federal, American GI Forum building, from 9am-noon, open to everyone to express their desires.

Tim: Don’t forget our next Happy Hour Oct. 11 at La Loma 5-8. The second Thursday of the month is the usual JPUNCH evening.

  • More involvement and new members are needed for the coming year.


Mark Lohaus, JPUN website: It’s been down; some links still exist. Mark will pursue this. Meanwhile he’s organizing the categories and getting more content than before. We can e-mail Mark with material. Mark’s goal is to have many people integrated into this process to maintain and contribute and to add comments, hopefully learning from each other and reflecting the many views and ideas in this community.

Brad, LUC: W. 21st Ave. & Eliot developer, NE corner, at next meeting. Also at W. 20th & Clay, new condos are proposed. Let Brad know if you see any scraping or development activity. Next LUC meeting, as usual the third Thursday every month, at 7pm, Zocalo meeting room.


OD-9 overlay rezoning at a possible logjam? Regarding our application, concerning NW Jeff Park sector, deadline looms end of Oct., then to City Council. Karen’s not here tonight. Should certain properties be excluded? She reportedly is communicating with the affected residents. A recent BOD meeting motion passed that JPUN would support application if the properties not wishing to be included, were not included. The intent was to not assume anyone to be involved in the rezoning application if they don’t want to be.

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