November 6, 2007 JPUN General Membership Meeting Minutes

Tim DePumpo, our vice president, led the meeting. Announcements.

Carlos Montoya, community resource officer. 27 reported crimes in the past month. Thefts (14), criminal mischief to robbery, only 1 burglary, which is unusually low! He handed out 3 page information package. Tim said he sees an increase in enforcement in his area near the liquor store.

Katherine Meldrum is the new safety officer, replacing Karen Harvey, who resigned recently. A motion was made to vote in Katherine as safety officer till year end, by Tim; seconded, ayes 24, abstentions or nays none. Katherine spoke, giving her home number and e-mail through JPUN. There’ll be no safety meeting this quarter. She will be attending the commander’s meetings in the future.

Land use committee: proposed development and OD-9 update.

Brad: 21st and Eliot group want to rezone to RMU-20, with a short presentation by Derek Ahrens and team. We’ll also vote for the rezone tonight, and JPUN will write to city council re support or not. NE corner, currently zoned R-2. Drawings shown for 6 units proposed. They have already met with the LUC and individuals to seek input re green space, street orientation, setbacks and height. There is a range of sizes, 1200-2000sf. Some units have front porches. Design to be sensitive to the site and immediate neighbors. The exteriors are varied and the units staggered, in very contemporary style. One neighbor asked about gabled roofs (this style is flat roofs). 55’ allowed under RMU-20; with doghouse (roof structure) this project is up to 43-45’ top height max. Prices range $400,000-$500,000, approximately. Next door project is about 24’; there’s a grade difference. This team has worked with the land use committee from the start, said Brad. Brad passed out ballots to vote with (yes or no) Yes: 21, no: 3. JPUN will write a letter of recommendation.

OD-9 (Ed Kieta, who returned to the meeting, spoke): he recounted the recent events of the OD-9 application, where we ended up with just a small portion of the NW section of the neighborhood specified for OD-9. Karen Harvey was leading the process but has recently resigned from the Board. Several neighbors within that area submitted the application by the deadline, but without the approval or involvement of JPUN. We were hoping to exclude the property owners who wanted to be excluded. Overhaul of city zoning is imminent, however.
Barbara on the fundraiser, Nov. 16, Friday at Red Lion Hotel, 5-8pm. There’ll be items, services, and gift certificates put up for auction, and food, drinks, music. Donations are being solicited. Barbara said she is also collecting non perishable food items and donations for the church food bank. Park progress: large planting bed on NE corner of park in spring is now in the works, maybe starting in May. We also usually plant trees throughout the neighborhood in the spring. We may get our restroom renovated if the bond issue passes today. New walkways are slated.

Tim handed out paperwork to solicit people who want to get involved on some level. Tim described the regular meetings and happy hour schedule so people can plan to attend.
Jeremy Cottrell spoke, and Trina, who are homeowners at Zocalo. They are working with David Zucker, planning to open a retail wine boutique May ’08, similar to Mondo Vino. The liquor license process is proceeding. They want to be socially responsible and donate time to demonstrate their commitment to the neighborhood, such as having a recycling hub, possibly. No single beverage items will be stocked, to avoid problems like the store at 25th and Eliot.

Light rail station, Ed: Workshop for 14th and Decatur, 2013 is completion date for part of the west corridor line. The Sun Valley neighborhood will be initiating new development around that, with much public investment. It was announced that Thurs. 11/15 there’s a city workshop regarding these nearby light rail stations, Osage, Auraria also, 5:30-8:30 in Lincoln Park. Federal Blvd. corridor update: this will promote revitalization, and proximity to so much additional new development should boost it. The case study for master plan by UCD students was again mentioned, including the W. 25th and Eliot business area. Marshall Vandenburg attended; mentioned Dec. 6 meeting.


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