GORDO LOCO is finally ready for the “Grande Opening”!

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GORDO LOCO is finally ready for the “Grande Opening”!
We’ll be throwing 5 LB Diablo Challenge burrito eating contest.The contest will take place at 12:30. $20 entry fee or its free if you finish eating it under 30mins (you get a T-shirt w/ the $20)

WINNER- 1st person to finish gets a $100 AND A FREE BURRITO FOR A YEAR!

Please sign up for the Diablo Challege by leaving your name on this invite page!


ANY 1/2 LB Burger & Fries for $5.00
50 Cent Burritos
Tasty Samples & Surprises for the kids!

Gordo Loco
2637 W. 26th Ave (26th & Clay)
Denver, CO


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