TONIGHT – Streetscape Design Concept Presentation

The Federal Boulevard Partnership Streetscape Design Committee is prepared to present drawings and illustrations of  twelve streetscape concepts, which were developed from the public Design Workshop convened in the spring (see recap article below). The concepts will be formally presented and feedback solicited at a public meeting Wednesday, July 13, 6:30 PM (6:00 PM Open House), Adams Mystery Playhouse, 24th and Federal.

Twelve concepts (random order) are:

  1. Redesign of Federal intersections providing greater pedestrian and bicycling safety at West 23rd and 26th Avenues
  2. Improvement of center median pedestrian crossings at West 24th and 25th Avenues
  3. Change/adapt slopes along east and west side of Federal in the 2300 and 2400 blocks to increase pedestrian safety and improve landscaping by broadening and better utilizing slopes through use of retaining walls, upper and lower landscaping, two rows of trees, and other appropriate treatment.
  4. Improve building scale and grow potential uses
  5. Design a vendor niche along certain steep slopes along Federal
  6. Suggest a bus stop design standard
  7. Redesign of W. 25th and Eliot intersection
  8. Design a Gateway at Federal and 25th including illustration of higher and better uses along the west side of the 2500 block of Federal
  9. Develop streetscape design concepts for West 25th Avenue to include angled parking
  10. Develop an upgraded median design for the district to include greater landscape diversity, hardscape and lighting
  11. Develop a brand with identity for the district
  12. Develop opportunities for public art

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