Denver Police Safety Tips

The Denver Police Department is warning the community about thieves preying on our elderly citizens. Denver police recently had a case in which two Hispanic males posing as electrical workers went to the home of an 82-year old woman. They told her she was due a refund from the electric company, and asked her for a copy of her bill. She let the suspects into her home while she went to retrieve a copy of the bill. One of the suspects looked at the bill and told her she was due a $60.00 refund but they only had a $100.00 bill. They asked her if she had change. The woman retrieved a second folder and gave them change out of that folder. One of the suspects distracted the victim by inquiring about a truck in the victim’s backyard. The victim and one of the suspects walked to the backyard while the other suspect remained in the victims house. The second suspect came out of the house and then both suspects left the property. The woman returned into her home and checked her money folder and realized that all of her money was missing. She immediately called the police.

Click here for  Safety Tips from the Denver Police Department.

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