JPUN’s May Newsletter Is Now Available!

Jefferson Park Day Community Clean-up & Celebration – Saturday, May 18 at 9 am  Show your neighborhood pride on Saturday, May 18, by participating in Jefferson Park’s Annual Clean-Up and Neighborhood Celebration. This year’s event kicks-off in Jefferson Park at 9 AM (northeast side near playground area), where Araujo’s Breakfast Burritos, 2914 Coffee, juice, and fruit will be provided for volunteers. Once fueled, you may pick an area of Jefferson Park to help clean with friends, family or neighbors. It’s a great way to get to know people in your neighborhood.

JPUN General Membership Meeting – Join us on Tuesday, May 14 for our General Membership Meeting; 6:30 PM in the rear chapel at Riverside Church. Our featured speakers are Denver Animal Shelter, and Denver Property Tax Assessments.

City Reviews Application for Jefferson Park’s First Historic District – Denver’s Landmark Preservation Commission (LPC) has received an application to create the city’s newest historic district along River Drive. The unique street is located southeast of the corner of W. 23rd Avenue and Clay Street and includes more than a dozen homes built in the 19th century. The area is the last intact section of a large subdivision from the 1880s called River Front Highlands that once covered a large swath of the current Jefferson Park neighborhood. Many of the homes on River Drive predate the park itself, which was built in 1899. A committee comprised of River Drive homeowners helped create the application which was submitted by Councilman Rafael Espinoza. The application is scheduled to be reviewed by the LPC on May 21. If the commission recommends approval, the application will then be reviewed by the Denver City Council which makes all final decisions on historic district designations. The process includes two scheduled opportunities for public comment at hearings in May and June.

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