Blueprint Denver: 2018 Update

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Blueprint Denver is a citywide land use and transportation plan first developed in 2002. On August 6, 2018 the city published a “draft” update to the plan which would have new ramifications for the Jefferson Park neighborhood.

The draft update is divided into four sections and each section is hundreds of pages in length. All four sections can be found on the Denveright website here. The draft plans are considered under “public review” through October 31, 2018. JPUN has formally request an extension to the deadline for review.

The JPUN Land Use Committee has identified several areas around the neighborhood (in the “Land Use & Transportation” section of the update) where Jefferson Park residents should take special notice about what is described.

The plan includes seven “neighborhood contexts” such as suburban, urban, and downtown. Within the Jefferson Park neighborhood, three future contexts have been identified including Urban, General Urban, and Urban Center.

JPUN - Neighborhood_Contexts_Clean

The Urban Center context includes the areas in the dark blue color in the map above and encompasses the land currently occupied by Diamond Hill, Riverside Church, Element 47 Apartments, RiverClay Condos, Guerrilla Gravity, and more. This context is described in the plan as “containing high intensity residential and significant employment areas” and includes the illustration below showing building heights up to 18 stories.


In essence, this means residential streets like River Drive or 23rd Avenue between Clay and N Bryant Street with 1 and 2 story single family homes, could someday be immediately surrounded by high density residential development that towers over the existing homes. The same could be said for our park. The draft plan has the “Urban Center” context immediately east of the park.

Another area of the draft plan noted by the Land Use Committee is the “community corridor” the plan identifies along Federal Boulevard. This would likely result in rezoning of property in the Jefferson Park neighborhood east of Federal to allow for much higher density compared to what is currently permitted.

JPUN Places_map-page-001

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