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2785 Speer Boulevard Development Updates

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Allied / La Loma – Alcott Street Redesign

In a breakthrough agreement, Allied Development and the Brinkerhoffs met with CM Garcia in late December 2009 and are collaborating in turning the two-block span of Alcott Street into a pedestrian friendly private street. Attached are two images showing the concept and the support letter from the Land Use Committee for the redesign direction.

Alcott Street Presenation_Renderings_11x17

LUC MOU support letter

Brinkerhoff Protest of Alcott Vacation

The following graphics were presented to the Land Use Committee by Jim Brinkerhoff at the February LUC meeting. It will be presented to the City of Denver as a protest against the vacation of Alcott by the Allied Realty Development. The Brinkerhoffs, owners of the La Loma site, argue that possible traffic grid problems could occur at 26 and Alcott if the vacation is allowed to happen. The LUC has inquired with the City of Denver’s Traffic Engineer and the decision will be based solely on technical merits and criteria.

Graphics from the Redesign of the Allied Realty Development

The following was described by Allied Realty at the February and March General Membership Meetings. Here is the current Landscape Plan and Section for the Alcott Vacation, which relocates the previous open water feature into an underground retention tank but still creates a public plaza at grade. The Land Use Committee welcomes your feedback and comments regarding this latest change.

Notification for Street / Alley Vacation

Here is the Notification Letter and Graphics for the Street/Alley Vacation from the City of Denver per the Allied Realty Development.

JPUN Support Letter for Allied

Here is the JPUN – Allied Realty Support Letter that was written and presented to Councilman Garcia in December 2008.