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Micky Manor Signs Good Neighbor Agreement

Earlier this summer, representatives of JPUN met with Fran Daly, the owner of Micky Manor located on Federal between 25th and 26th, about her plans to upgrade the establishment and reopen it as a family-oriented restaurant serving the Jefferson Park area.  The building and restaurant has been in Fran’s family since 1944.  In recent years, Micky Manor had fallen on hard times and was not operating to Fran’s satisfaction and she eventually evicted the tenant running it.

JPUN and Fran discussed putting a Good Neighbor Agreement (GNA) in place which commits Fran and JPUN to meet regularly to discuss any issues that may come up regarding the operation of the restaurant.  A copy of the Good Neighbor Agreement for Micky Manor can be found on JPUN’s website.  In return for agreeing to these terms, JPUN testified on June 8 in favor of Micky Manor’s application for a liquor license for the restaurant.  The GNA was attached to the liquor license and can be discussed during any renewal request.

Fran does not have a tenant selected yet to run the restaurant, so the menu is not yet determined.  Fran has committed to making a positive contribution to the neighborhood, so we encourage Jefferson Park residents to stop by and check it out once the restaurant is reopened.

Click here to read the Good Neighbor Agreement.