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to Jefferson Park.

5 responses to “User Feedback

  1. Hey JPUN web site visitors…

    Official word on the website updates and changes will get out early in March, so hopefully then we’ll start seeing a pick up in user commentary. what everyone should know, web site features will be added as when need/demand warrant and contributors/resources are available to implement the needed changes. In the meantime, this USER FEEDBACK page is a catch all for all your QUESTIONS, COMMENTS, SUGGESTIONS or ANNOUNCEMENTS. If you have specific concerns about a particular aspect of the neighborhood, I suggest you look at the “Committees” page and see if there is a contact there to direct you question to the chairperson. Also, the best way to create change, is to get involved! JPUN can always use volunteer and financial donations, you can contact Board Members by viewing the “About JPUN” page. That’s all, type away!

  2. Bravo on the Website ! I found this very informative. Thank you.

  3. Hi Tom,
    As we did last year, the Federal Blvd Partnership would like to support your May clean up in Jefferson Park. We organize clean up along Federal Blvd.
    Last year’s event was a great success for us, as I know it was for you. We want to fully support JPUN in your efforts to improve the Jefferson Park neighborhood.
    Our FBP website is about to be new and improved, so in a couple of weeks, please check it out.
    I tried finding your email address on your website, but thought this might be better so as to let all the members know that the FBP applauds your great organization and would like to help you out as much as we can.
    Cindy Snalam
    On behalf of the FBP

  4. I suggest including the Jefferson Park neighborhood map in the “About JPUN” page. I had trouble finding it until I turned to “Membership”.

    Also we should provide credits to JPUN donors which make in-kind or cash donations. “Support our donors page”. Along with “how to donate”.

  5. Im w fox news. We are doing a story about lighting concerns on the west side of sports authority. Can someone call me asap?: 720 448 5658

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