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JPUN April Newsletter

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JPUN Crime Map Stats

If you would like more information on the crimes or to express your concerns, Denver Police Officers are always in attendance at JPUN’s General Membership Meetings held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month.

JPUN Crime Map


Jefferson Park in the News — Watch the video on JPUN “UP” houses

Jefferson Park has several of these “UP” houses where owners can’t sell the house for what it would cost to live in the project that is replacing or going in near their dwelling. This is resulting in the loss of affordable single family homes in Northwest Denver neighborhoods. How can Denver reach a balance of uses in these neighborhoods?

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Denver’s INC Transportation Committee Notes – Check them out!

Denver’s Inter Neighborhood Cooperation (INC) Transportation Committee

Denver’s INC Transportation Committee discusses issues that are relatable to Jefferson Park residents given our close proximity to downtown and our multi model options that are available.

INC Transportation Committee_ Meeting Notes from January 8th 2015

Join Us!! Mayor Michael B. Hancock’s Cabinet in the Community Meeting: Saturday, February 7th

Trouble finding parking?
Snow isn’t getting removed?
Where is our new playground?
Why are there so many ruts in our streets?

The Mayor and City Department Heads will be in Jefferson Park and would like to hear from you on Saturday, February 7 from 9am-11am at the PPA Event Center @ 21st and Decatur. This is a great chance to discuss issues and get them resolved. They will even provide breakfast!

Each quarter the Mayor, his cabinet and department heads come together to provide first-hand accounts of what is happening in your community and around the city. Following the meeting, all attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage in a one-on-one dialogue with the Mayor and his leadership team.

We strongly encourage you to attend. The more voices we have the more issues will get resolved.

Attending could help fix a problem you live with for 365 days out of the year!

JPUN will have a booth at the event. Please stop in to register and we can assist you with:
*Who to talk to from the city
*Combine similar issues your neighbors may be experiencing so they stand a greater chance of effectively being resolved.
*All those who register qualify for a raffle of Bronco merchandise.

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Please voice your concerns, questions and comments in our JPUN survey !!

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This will allow us to compile a list of all of the issues and recognize any areas of serious concerns and how we can work to get them resolved.

Attached is a list of Departments and their directors that are expected to attend.

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